The Homeobotanical remedies were developed in New Zealand in 1983. They are Simple, Safe and Effective. Their main actions are Detoxification, Stabilisation and Nutrition.

These remedies work at a cellular level along with your immune system.

First they purify your body by gently opening up the elimination channels.  

These are: 

Then the components of the herbs target the problem areas to encourage the immune system to activate and begin the healing process.


Finally they enhance assimilation of nutrients to speed up healing and to boost energy levels to attain vibrant health.


Their actions are:

Clear out, balance and re-build


combines the Power of 



the Potency of 


and the therapists own unique HEALING Vibration

  • Lungs

  • Lymphatic System

  • Blood

  • Colon

  • Skin

  • Liver

  • Kidneys

These holistic remedies can completely clear the body of all toxins (ingested, inhaled and absorbed), leaving us capable of functioning much more efficiently. Once the toxic load has been taken off your organs, your immune system will re-establish itself and work to restore balance.


Then the vitamins, minerals and enzymes within the herbs will nourish and re-build your immune system, this allows your body to begin to re-build its structure so to create more vibrant health and energy.