What is it?  It's best described as natural, preventative health care.  It was discovered by Chiropractors in America in the 1960s and works by using simple, safe and precise muscle testing to detect imbalances within the body. Kinesiology promotes overall balance for both your body and your mind to help you feel better and function better.


How does it work?  Our brains are connected to our muscles and organs via the nerve pathways and so by testing different muscles, kinesiology can access the feedback mechanism to detect the health and condition of:-


  • your organs and muscles

  • your digestive system

  • your endocrine system

  • your immune system 

  • your emotional wellbeing

Kinesiology Muscle Test

What can I expect?  Your kinesiology session will involve:-

  • taking a detailed case history

  • muscle testing

  • correcting any imbalances

  • advising nutritional supplements and flower remedies

  • advising lifestyle and dietary changes if required

How many sessions will I need?  It depends on what your health issues are and how long you have had them but most people require 3-6 sessions. Many clients come back twice yearly for maintenance and others book when new issues crop up.

Completely natural?  Kinesiology only uses high quality natural remedies/supplements to help bring the body back into balance.